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Meet kyla rose

I'm the nitpicky, hyper-analytical, giggly, nosy SOB that is very good at making your life easier. My super power is being able to step inside your brain and pluck out exactly what you wanted to say (better than you ever could. Sorry-not-sorry.)

the first step is falling in love.

This means getting to know you and your business so well that I know exactly how to seduce your audience. Next, I crawl inside your brain and figure out exactly what you want and need to say to get noticed and have clients going ape-sh*t for your services.

Let me fall in love with you and your business... I promise I’ll be gentle.

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My Super-Secret Portfolio

Not to brag or anything, but most of the documents contained in here are confidential or proprietary. That’s why if you want to take a peek, you’re going to have to request access.

Just tell me who you are, and pinky swear you’re not up to mischief, and I’ll give you the password. Then you can gaze upon all the glorious works contained therewithin, and my clients will be happy their privacy was respected. Win-win.